Scrambled Crags

I remember one the outdoor companies in my college town had a slogan, “Get High in the Mountains,” ostensibly owing to both the altitude (a contentious 3,333 feet) and bohemian vibe. The double entendre makes even more sense to me now that I’ve experienced the Andes, as you’ve got to be in an altered frame of mind to consider the Appalachians high in the mountains*. I have to tell y’all: because of the altitude, over the last month I tried no less than three times to climb the Pichincha volcano outside of Quito.

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Rails y Las Taquerías

I take tacos relatively seriously. Seriously enough that I’ve organized multiple taco-themed parties in my lifetime. Let’s be real, though: any food whose remnants are licked from your fingers requires a sense of humor.

As part of our immersion here in Quito we’re doing pecha kucha talks, which consist of 20 slides, presented for 20 seconds each, resulting in a madcap 400-second talk on a topic of the presenter’s choosing. I chose to explain the Rails MVC framework with a taquería analogy.

This talk was originally given in Spanish, so I’ve provided a Spanish transcript as well as a rough English translation below.

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I’ve been in Ecuador for about three weeks, in which time I’ve helped plan our start-of-office immersion program, delivered a presentation on software testing en Español and visited Mindo, a small town in the jungle about two hours outside of Quito.

The content of this brand-new blog will likely touch on the above-mentioned subjects (that is, a thrilling mix of hiking and software), but for now I’ll leave y’all with a photo of the park near my apartment, where I attempted my first-ever high-altitude run this past weekend.