Creating a Community for Technical Women in Quito

Ada Lovelace Day, a celebration of the world’s first computer programmer, was yesterday. In honor of the holiday and to highlight the awesome work that ThoughtWorks Ecuador is doing to promote women in tech, I wrote the following blog post on ThoughtWorks’ website.

English version: Creating a Community for Technical Women in Quito

Spanish version: Creación de una comunidad de mujeres técnicas en Quito

Literally, Wearing Many Hats

A few weeks ago we took a mountain-biking trip south of Quito, around Cotopaxí volcano, ending up near a crater lake named Laguna Quilotoa. At times the temperature necessitated that I layer alpaca-wool hats in order to not DIE OF FROSTBITE.

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By the Numbers

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Programación Funcional con Scala

I gave a talk at Quito Lambda earlier this week about Scala, what makes it functional, and what makes it not so functional.