I’m a software engineering manager at Etsy working on tools that help sellers get their creations in front of more prospective buyers. I live in Brooklyn, New York.

In the past I worked at Kickstarter as an engineer and manager on their Growth team. While there I gave a talk at Rubyconf about feature flags and the importance of engneering practices that enable teams to do their best work. Before Kickstarter I’d only worked as consultant, so I learned a TON about what it meant to work for a product organization.

I worked as a software developer consultant at ThoughtWorks, where I helped organizations large and small build custom software. While there, I spent some time in Quito, Ecuador, helping grow a new office for the company. I built mentoring programs for new employees (both for lateral hires and those new to software development) and helped grow the tech community there.

I’ve also got a cat named Wendy Davis, and this great portrait of her (by ClockworkArtShop):